Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Premiere Vixens Accident

Our favorite Premiere Vixens were caught on an accident recently on a provincial tour. Here is the text message of one of the vixens.

“On the way to the airport… Pau forgot her handbag.. so we opted to return to Pagcor, then we proceeded back to our route which was the airport… most of us girls were falling asleep.. from what I remember… I was nearly falling asleep on Pau while her head was leaning towards the window already or lower..not sure..anyway as we were going far ahead.. I heard someone say “Ben” 3 times.. I don’t even know who Ben is..but as soon as that happened.. everything just turned WHITE and we already ran over something.. As soon as I became conscious of what happened… I screamed “Run, the car might explode” cause the smell of Gas was leaking while smoke came out of the pajero.. so i opened the doors and screamed so everyone could wake up and get out.. I remember running far..while Jahz and Jem followed my lead and we were all on the ground without our slippers..or handbag for the most of us.. and they were all asking if their faces were ok.. They were fine however bleeding ..but at least not distorted right?

Anyway then I looked at Pau.. her blood was gushing all over and her eyes were closed..she got out of the pajero too.. I gave her tissue but I knew it wont suffice so when people came to her rescue na.. I realized Angel was in front and if there was a person that was on the road..she might’ve jumped out of the pajero from the impact..that was I looked and she was still a little passed out..and we got her far from the pajero and she was crying. Our baby girl couldn’t open her eye and her hips were very painful that she couldn’t move. In my case..My leg felt broken and I couldn’t use it to walk but they seemed to have needed more attention. Anyway Ambulance came and we were all brought to Riverside Hospital where medical attention were given to us. We were all scattered..getting xrays etc. After the whole happening.. we were told that we ran over a person and a truck! Gosh.. Luckily everyone’s alive.. but the effects of the impact? Well that was the problem. Pau had to go through stitching… Angel stayed in bacolod the longest while Jahz, Jem and I had bruises and cuts but well enough to be released earlier.

We all missed our flights home.. missed our jobs … however had a 2nd chance to wake up and do good for another day. Jahz, Jem and I took the latest flight out.. cause we were confined for a while..and the rest got home days after.

The events people that were with us.. are still in the hospital I think.

Anyway I hope you guys can pray for them. THe accident clearly woken us up. Personalities started to come out..and in this certain moment… you can finally tell who your real friends are and those that really care about you.

Thank you to all that messaged / called/ blogged/ spread news and etc on us regarding this incident. Much prayers were bestowed to us because of the fast spread of the news. Thank you to all our supporters … we will of course make our shoots hotter, more exciting..and more ALIVE than ever!

Thank you again! ”

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