Friday, March 18, 2011

Who's Your Favorite Pretty Pinay DJ?

Who's your favorite among these pretty Pinay Djs? 10 of the most prettiest and sexiest Djs here in the Philippines are listed below in my particular order. Top on my list is Andi Manzano of Magic 89.9 followed by Jessica Mendoza of Magic 89.9, Tracy Abad of Mellow 94.7, Angelica Copter of Magic 89.9, Mia Bayuga of Magic 89.9, Grace Lee of Magic 89.9, Pam Ylagan Wave 89.1, Hilary Isaac of Jam 88.3, Sam Oh of 99.5 RT and Delamar Arias of Rx 93.1. Who's your choice? make your own list on the comment below.

DJ Andi-9 Magic 89.9

DJ Jessica Mendoza Magic 89.9

DJ Tracy Abad Mellow 94.7

DJ Angelicopter Magic 89.9

DJ Mia Bayuga Magic 89.9

DJ Grace Lee Magic 89.9

DJ Pam Ylagan Wave 89.1

DJ Hilary Isaac Jam 88.3

DJ Sam Oh 99.5 RT

DJ Delamar RX 93.1

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