Friday, August 5, 2011

Anne Curtis Rides the MRT again with Sister Jasmine

We all have seen Anne Curtis first rode the MRT to watch the Kylie Minogue concert in Araneta. Now for the second time Anne rides the Metro Rail Transit again with sister Jasmine Curtis to beat traffic and make it to showtime.

Anne Tweeted!!
“MRT take 2 with @jascurtissmith! We're near na!!!! Showtime wait for us!!!” and “I think I should be the ambassador for public transportation na! Haha. I love how fast the MRT is! Can you get a card for it na pwede mag-load? Like an oyster or myki card?” Oyster and myki cards are international public transportation cards similar to the MRT/LRT tickets.

“Thanks to my beautiful baby @jascurtissmith for being game to jump out of the car, duck under the railings along Santolan, run up the flooded stairs with the rain pouring down as hard as and catch the MRT with me! Her sneakers and socks are drenched but I haven't heard a simple complaint!”

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